Tara Reynolds Art

Tara Reynolds is an artist and illustrator living and working on Martha's Vineyard. She was born on the island and grew up in Edgartown. After graduating high school, Tara attended the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. She left there with a degree in Fine Art and Illustration. Tara returned to the Vineyard and began creating her unique artwork. She has self published two children's books, Alphabet Zooup and Bruce's Martha's Vineyard Vacation. She is a member of the Vineyard Artisans as well as the Chilmark Flea Market and the Oak Bluffs Open Market, where her work can be found in the summer season and during the holidays. Tara's style is a mix of collage and painting. She paints her own papers and cuts out her designs that are then applied to wood or canvas. She carefully paints in detailed outlines with ink and white paint. Tara is inspired by the island, nature, food and animals.

Gilly B Clothing

Gillian Badot is the owner and designer of the Martha's Vineyard based clothing company Gilly B. Gillian graduated from the University of Vermont with an art history and studio art degree. After graduating, she moved to the island full time and continues to reside here. Gillian's work as a seamstress and her attraction to soft vintage t-shirts led to her up-cycling textiles into new garments. Gillian uses recycled t-shirt fabric collected from local thrift stores for her appliqués. She then hand-sews those appliqués to organic cotton or tri-blend fabric. You can find Gillian's adorable kids t-shirts, onesies, and hats around the island at local stores, or you can find her at artisan pop-ups around the island.


Chilmark Pottery

Geoffrey Borr began working with clay in 1972 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He moved to the island of Martha's Vineyard in 1982 with the intention of establishing a pottery studio in a more peaceful and beautiful environment. The result of his efforts is Chilmark Pottery, located in a weathered, shingled barn tucked into the trees of West Tisbury. Most days visitors will find the potters hard at work, as graceful forms magically emerge from mounds of clay. Geoffrey's thoughtfully designed, hand-crafted pottery, in its distinctive seascape or copper-red hues, fill the shelves and line the porch rails.

Vineyard Wick & Bath

Beth Thigith, the owner of Vineyard Wick & Bath, moved to Martha’s Vineyard in 2011 after extensive travel around the world as the wife of a military husband. Before calling the island home, Beth vacationed on Martha’s Vineyard annually since childhood. Like the many people that come here in the summer, she fell in love with all the Island had to offer. Currently, Beth is the owner and creator of all Vineyard Wick & Bath has to offer. This includes candles as well as bath salts, and lotions.


Lisa Leonard Steel Art

Lisa Leonard is a retired Army officer who lives in Oak Bluffs with her husband Mark. She became interested in steel work several years ago and was introduced to plasma cutting, welding, and torching by a couple of patient friends. She began her steel art passion by creating a metal mobile for her home. The mobile contains 68 hand-cut and hammered stripers and a mermaid that still hangs in her cupola today. Her distinctive work has expanded to include custom lighting fixtures, outdoor sculptures, wall partitions, wall art, and unique address plaques. Lisa loves to create her art through a  combination of cutting, bending, grinding, and heating the steel to achieve her custom work. She was recognized at the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair for her artwork and has sold pieces across the country.

Michael Blanchard Inspirational Photography

Michael Blanchard is a well known photographer on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Micheal lives here on the island and runs his studio, Michael Blanchard Inspirational Photography / Crossroads Gallery, in the Arts District of Oak Bluffs. His gallery was named “Best of the Vineyard” in 2020. In addition to his art, Michael has also published two books titled "Fighting For My Life: Finding Hope and Serenity on Martha's Vineyard"; and "Through A Sober Lens: A Photographer's Journey". Photography for him is therapeutic; in addition to his family and the island, it has been key to his recovery and sobriety over the past ten years. Michael recently completed his Masters Degree in Psychology and works with the addiction community on the Vineyard in helping patients find resources when they are ready to heal.


h. falk designs

Hali Mechur is a metalsmith/jewelry fabricator based on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Her pieces are handcrafted using sterling, brass, gold and gemstones/sea glass. She draws inspiration for her work from the textures of the island--sand, seaweed, ferns--and incorporates those textures into her pieces. For example, she collects seaweed from the local beaches, drys it in her studio and uses her hand crank rolling mill to emboss the texture onto the metal she uses. This gives her work a unique look, as every piece is slightly different!

Bossy Dog MV

Belle Dinning is the owner of Bossy Dog MV, born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard and currently works on island as an EMT. During quarantine, Belle began making masks for friends and family when there was a fear of a shortage. She has a dog named Basso, who is rarely not found by her side, and inspired Belle to make a bandana from the left over supplies. She quickly gained a following after making several for her other dog-mom friends. Belle’s goal of Bossy Dog MV is to provide boho and beach inspired matching accessories for pets and their owners.


Gracie ‘n Moe

Gracie 'n Moe, crafting on-the-go! Meet Meaghan, aka "Moe." Meaghan was born and raised on Martha's Vineyard and ventured down south for college. Meaghan returned to the Island to plant her roots with her family and right-hand gal Gracie, a 1961 Shasta Airflyte trailer. Together they can craft anywhere. Along with handmade items, such as one-of-a-kind cornhole sets, signage, watercolors, wedding designs, and more, Gracie 'n Moe focus on the small details to create a memory rather than just a product.   

Vineyard Details

Eric Lakso of Vineyard Details describes himself as more of a mechanic than an artist. The woodworker and designer of intricate, handmade wooden gifts “never makes the same thing twice.” A career carpenter, Eric evolved his building skills into creating functional wooden art perfect for decorating the many Island homes he’s built. With Vineyard Details, Eric offers unique one-of-a-kind boxes, children’s picnic tables, footstools, bandsaw boxes, humidors, and custom-made pieces. The items are expertly crafted to stand the test of time. After selecting high-quality wood to craft his items, Eric uses a variety of products to enhance the grain and provide a high-gloss appearance to his pieces when finishing. As he describes it, “Finishing is the most variable and potentially complex part of woodworking.”



The Vineyard Company 

Hi, I’m Kathryn! I have been an island educator for the last 9 years, but currently I am a full time mom to my three and four year old. The idea of “The Vineyard Company” began when the pandemic hit. We couldn’t leave our homes to shop, and there were so many small businesses and island artisans wanting to share their beautiful work. Why not create a safe shopping experience, while also spreading the word about the talent here on island?! After selling other artisans work on the site for a few months, I decided to join them. So now I offer etched glass on the site, made by me!